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December 22, 2012
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Deep Dark Waters. :SPEEDPAINT: by Maekii Deep Dark Waters. :SPEEDPAINT: by Maekii

look i used the thing again
the link is TBA
;v; if you critique
pls dont bother me about the coloring i had the wrong select thing on xDD

|Other art by me|

Mae Me
Art Me
Drawn with: Wacom Bamboo Fun CTH 461
Easy Paint Tool Sai: 2 Hours
Recorded with Hypercam 2
Before I say anything, I don't mean to sound harsh, I'm just trying to give constructive critisism. Also, the title reminds me of this song: [link]
*sigh* The childhood XD

Overall, this picture is really well done.
The water has nice depth, the cat's anatomy is almost perfect, and the border and the texture are nice touches.

BUT, it could use some improvements.
The shading could be darker and/or more blue because of the water. and the highlights could also be a little blue-er. Adding a blue overlay layer on top of the whole picture and lowering the opacity on it, would work well.
The lines could be cleaned up a little and they could be colored/shaded, but they don't need to be.
The right arm of the cat looks a little disconnected to me and the lower part of the left arm is a little short compared to the upper part. The back legs look kind of small/skinny compared to the arms and the head looks just a little big.
The fur could look like it's flowing in the water, instead of just laying on the cat's body as if the cat was running.

Again, I'm just trying to give constructive criticism, not trying to find flaws. I'm not that good at art my self, so I probably shouldn't be giving you all this advice, but whatever...
What do you think?
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Overall, this painting is very good. The water looks really realistic, and the design of the animal is very creative. There are some things you could work on though.

~The two front paws are too long and look abnormal.
~Turning the shading blue and blacker would help.
~The animal looks to skinny to be healthy.
~Adding eyebrows would be a good thing; it gives their whole face an emotion.

Other than that, your drawing is amazing! owo

~The feel of the ocean is on spot
~You can see that the character is happy and/or calm
~The light from the sun shows up at the top
~The shading, even though there's no blue and it isn't as dark as it could be, is still pretty much on spot on where it's supposed to be.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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